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Five months ago we conducted our first symposium in the town of Trilport. We thank those of you who have come to join us. The mixture of generations, professional and friendly atmosphere, the wealth of demonstrations and diversity of work of the participants were much all factors that have contributed to making this event rich, magical and warm. We were moved to see so many people share them and leave with good memories. We were also very touched by the invaluable assistance provided by many of you during installation but also the storage room.
This spirit of cohesion and mutual support is something important and as myself essential for any association or community.

Posted 10 November 2015

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That is why we also sincerely thank those without whom the organization of this first event would not have been possible. First Mathieu from “Le Spot” and all his team who have welcomed us into their place, with a special thanks to Miss Shirley Goutte which has contributed much to the organization of the event with us. It was a real pleasure to spend my days in this friendly place full of artistic energy. We sincerely hope to reconduir an event similar to Spot in the future.
Then we thank very much all our sponsors who provided equipment and quality raw material, their help was immensely valuable for our young and poor Association, without them it would have been impossible to organize this event.
Mrs Scovasso of the company "MESSER France" (FRA) (supply of propane tanks)
Mr. Charly Zenou from the company "NOVAIR" (FRA) (supply of oxygen tanks and generator)
Mr. Paul Trautman  from the company "TrautmanArtGlass" (USA), (provision of american borosilicate color rods)
Mr Pascal Guegan from the company "Age du Verre" (FRA) (supply of equipment and raw material)
Mr.Jean-Marc Lefebvre from the company "MIEMA" (BE), (provision of hoses for  gas/oxygen)
Mr. Thomas Herfray society "Herfray SVS" (FRA) (provision of borosilicate tubes)
Mr. Christian, Mrs Christiane and Mr Yoann Buée  from the companies  "Verresatine" and "Verrehaget" (FRA) (provision of chinese borosilicate colors)
Mr Daniel Vasseur, Mr Bertrand Maquin Mrs Christine Guernigou from the company"SCHOTT France" (FRA) (provision of german borosilicate glass )
Miss Kathryn Greer and his partner Maxime society "Glassworks France" (FRA), (provision of CIME colored glass in soda-lime)
Miss Kathryn Greer and his partner Maxime society "Glassworks France" (FRA), (provision of CIME colored glass in soda-lime)

We thank those of you who have provided some of their own equipment and have lent us a hand during installation and storage room. All this help was very valuable for our young Association and little team.
Thank among others: Miss Kathryn Greer, Miss Lucie Pitois, Miss Cecile Walter, Miss Audrey Ser, Miss Floriane Lataille, Mr Tom Chevry, Mr Theo Beaumont, Mr David Valls, Mr Jérôme Lamiable, Mr Maxime Reynaud, Mr Benjamin Nickel, Mr Marc Jaquier, ...

To continue we thank infinitely Mademoiselle Floriane Lataille (FRA), Roger Parramore (USA), Ms Amanda Muddimer (Eng), Mr. Lee Mulholland and Mr. Przemyslaw Tryck (Eng), Mr Ben Evers (Canada) Mr. Massimiliano Caldarone and Mr Guido Giovando ( ITA), Mr Adam Villarreal (USA), for coming gracefully to present their work in their respective fields. Their presence was for our young Association honored the wealth and quality of their interventions and their kindness and interest in our community were highly appreciated by all participants. We thank them very much because they have passed their passion and some of their knowledge of such an elegant and professional manner and strongly hope to welcome them again during our future events.
We also sincerely thank Mr Jean Pierre Baquère for coming together with Mr Cesare Toffolo and his wife (ITA) who gave us the surprise and the honor of participating to one of these days with us. It was for us a great joy and honor to can welcome Mr Toffolo and Mr Baquère who came for  exchange with all of us  and spend  few minutes behind a torch. We will keep particularly good memory of Mr. Toffolo, Italian flameworker, trying a Jupiter Belgian torch manufactured by MIEMA.

Support and create these international exchanges is very important for our young Association because they contribute to the promotion of our community and its expertise worldwide. In addition they generate a beneficial emulation for the entire flameworking community worldwide. As such our Association makes it a point to establish a close relationship with representative associations of our beautiful job and his domains abroad.
Then we sincerely thank Mr. Florian Debu for coming accompanied by his grandfather Mr. Andre Schmid (Président  de « l’Association gâtinaise des  Amis du musée du Verre et de ses Métiers » à Dordives) to do the presentation and screening of his film " the last breath ". It was a real pleasure to welcome Mr. Schmid and Mr. Debu,  we also were particularly pleased to integrate this projection in the program of this first Symposium because the town of Bagneaux-sur-Loing having been a historical center of manufacturing of the Pyrex Brand on our territory. For many of you this name rhymes with SOVIREL and many  tubes or rods made at Bagneaux are still present in our workshops. It was also for us a great pleasure to see Mr. Schmid making a vase during the “open flames session”, he will remain in the collection of the Association and join the other pieces made during this symposium.

A big thank  to Mr Thomas Gailhard of the production company "Merka Prod" who came gracefully to film these two days entirely . We very much appreciated his interest in flameworking  and its domains and we thank him for the help he gave us. We are very excited and happy to able soon to spread these beautiful images, as such we will keep you informed as soon as the film will be finished.
Also thank Mr Ludovic Petit, Professor of scientific and technical glassware of the Dorian School for came to live with us these days.  This school has a central role and crucial importance for our scientific domain and for flameworking in general. We make a point of honor to work closely with the flameworking  teaching team of the Dorian School to promote and sustain the formation.
Finally we thank Ms. Valérie Vayre (President of the Association of french Beadmakers (APAF) and all the APAF desk members team for their support and partnership. As such we strongly hope to renew and increase common projects with the APAF.

For the nostalgic or for those of you who didn't can come enjoying these days with us, here a link that will allow you to go see the photo album of this first symposium:
This album is online  on our website at the “events” page :

The editing of the film recounting the highlights of these days is in progress, we will post this video and send you as soon as it is completed. As a member of the AVCF, guest and sponsor you will also have access to all demonstrations but also interviews with our guests. We will also make a photo album with pieces made by participants during the Symposium. If you were among us and have brought some pieces you made do not hesitate to send them to us so we will add them in the photo album. As such all the pieces that we have in our possession will be kept for our future showcase of our Association.
The British Association of Scientific flameworkers (British Scientific Glassblowing Society (BSSG)) did us the great honor to publish an article about our Association and our first Symposium. We deeply thank the desk members of the BSSG, Mr. William Fludgate (President), Mr Ian Pearson (Editorial Newspaper & avertising manager) and particulary Mr Lee Mulholland (Competitions details) who wrote this article that honors our young Association. We sincerely hope to continue with the exchange BSSG which is a model for our Association that has much to learn from those already existing in the world. You will find below a link to download the article published in the journal BSSG last October. The article will also be available shortly on our website.
For more information on BSSG:
We also had the honor of being supported by the magazine "Glass is more" glass that relays news worldwide and that publish information about our first Symposium. At that pulls us sincerely thank Angela van der Burght and the team of Glass is more. N 'hesitate to consult their website:
See the page>
We are also working on redesigning our website, we will keep you informed of the progress of the new version of the site:
We will get back to you shortly by email to invite you to our next General Assembly during which we will make a report on our activities of the past year and together define our future plans and objectives for the year 2016.
Association Des Verriers Au Chalumeau De France (A.V.C.F) / French Flameworker Association (A.V.C.F)
Mr Guillaume Thoraval, President of the AVCF
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©Association Des Verriers Au Chalumeau De France (A.V.C.F) / French Flameworker Association (A.V.C.F)

©Association Des Verriers Au Chalumeau De France (A.V.C.F) / French Flameworker Association (A.V.C.F)

©Association Des Verriers Au Chalumeau De France (A.V.C.F) / French Flameworker Association (A.V.C.F)

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